Thinking Through Severe Storms as Christians - FREE RESOURCE

Especially in the center of our country, the storms just keep coming. And these types of storms are very good at capturing everyone's attention.  The loud thunder, the bolts of electrically charged light, and the poundings of various sorts of precipitation demand to be heard and seen.  But when they have our attention, what are we to think about?  Should our thoughts extend only as high as the clouds or beyond?

Is the weather a force largely under God's control?  Is there a Mother Nature that controls all of these things?  Is it all just the result of a bunch of complex variables that one day the scientists will finally understand?

The Scriptures would suggest that God is no doubt at work when weather captures our attention.  He uses it to his ends, namely calling all to repentance and faith.  Help your family understand this oft forgotten truth with Living Planted's newest Good News Resource on God's use of such events for our eternal good.  Each Good news resource in available to download as a single page pdf file.  Download it and print it out and you are ready to discuss this truth with those living in your home.  Check out our other resources as well.  And don't forget to like us on Facebook.