Recognizing your Every Day Calling

Living Planted is about recognizing the important call God has given you in whatever situation He has planted you.  The Lord blesses us in amazing ways Sunday after Sunday, when we gather with the people of God around the gifts of God.  However, our lives should not be lived as if God’s gifts matter only on Sunday morning.  The gifts of God are given every day.  Often though, we fail to recognize this truth.   Living Planted is about every Christian meditating on the Word of the Lord every day.  Living Planted is about helping and encouraging you in making sure devotions are a part of your Christian life at home, as a family or as an individual.  We pray that what is provided here will help you carry out what God is calling you to do every day in your home.

"On [God's] law he meditates day and night.  He is like a tree planted by streams of water." Psalm 1:2-3