What Christians do with Outrage? (in light of Orlando) Talk about it at home.

The story has been everywhere and rightfully so.  A Muslim man enters a nightclub frequently mostly by those who identify themselves as LBGT and opens fire.  The reports say that at least part of the motive was his outrage over homosexual affection he had seen around him in public.  No one knows whether this outrage found Islamic extremism or whether Islamic extremism found this outrage.  Regardless the two came together and this man chose mass violence to manifest his outrage and ideology.  Some are suggesting that this is just the natural outcome of anyone who is "extreme" about their religion.  Those who will not give up any of their beliefs are being painted as hateful people just waiting to explode.  But this simply is not true.  Especially for those in Christ.

It is true.  All of us get outraged at times. We see someone else do something that is particularly repugnant in our eyes. Our pulse rises, our blood pressure rises, and we want to act. Sometime our rage is directed at something that is evil. Other times we get so upset just because we selflessly want something to be different than it is.

But what do we do with that anger? Well, regardless of the inspiration for it, we are to take that anger to the one true God, the Triune God.

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