The Beauty of Marriage - Nancy Reagan - Wife in Chief

The nation is mourning the loss of Nancy Reagan.  And while she is remembered for many things, many have noted that she always made clear that her first responsibility was to care for Ronald (or "Ronnie" as she called him) as his wife.  And at least in public, it always seemed like that responsibility to her was a grand privilege.  She famously gazed lovingly time and time again at her husband.  And when one thinks of him and her together, you can't help but rejoice in the gift of marriage itself.  They were unquestionably each better in their own lives because they had each other.

Oh their marriage was not perfect behind closed doors I am sure and President Reagan had a failed marriage before that one, but that should not stop us from lauding marriage appropriately today. As we mourn the loss of Nancy, let us also meditate upon the beauty of marriage.  Let us see her gaze and gaze upwards ourselves to the One who has given marriage itself to humanity as a great gift.

All of us have had bad experiences related to marriage whether as children, spouses, or onlookers.  Our world would like us to believe that marriage is a relic to be filed away in the past.  Today then is a great day to reflect with your family on what a treasure marriage truly is when God is given charge of it.  Use our NEW one page resource on the beauty of marriage to talk about this in your home.  It will only take a few minutes and may have great impact on all those living in your home.   

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