Praying Together in the Home - FREE RESOURCE

I remember one Professor of mine telling us about a friend that he particularly cherished. He said that this particular friend was always pretty quick to get past chit-chat about nothing and get to talking about things that really mattered.  He told us that the way he did it was to ask this question, "What are you praying about these days?"

Our prayer life with God is an intimate part of our life with Him.  There are things we mention in our prayers that we would never dare utter aloud.  If a stranger asked us what we were praying about, we might well think the question quite intrusive.  We would tell them, "None of your business." But when someone asks who cares about us, we know that they want to know about the things in our life that are truly bringing us the most trouble or joy.

We often think of prayer as a exercise between each individual and God.  But it is truly never quite that private.  The Holy Spirit gives us words.  The saints of God throughout the world and those with Jesus in heaven add their petitions.   All those petitions find their way together unto the throne of God.  And God's people have always gathered to pray together, whether in tabernacle, temple, or church building.  The life that we have with God we share together.  And so the conversation we have with God, we share with one another as well.

It should be the same in the homes of God's people.  We not only talk to God individually but also talk to Him together.  As we do this, not only do we get to share our thought, joys, and fears with God, but we share them with one another as well.  This enables us to bear one another's burdens and share in each other's joys.

As we pray in the context of hearing God's Word, God's peace is given to us in His Son and through His Spirit.  We share that peace together in the home as we live out life together.

 Living Planted has created our core resource, A Simple Approach To Daily Devotions, as an easy way for those gathered together in one home to pray together.  Download it today on our resources page under the heading Core Resources.  Then get started using it.  If you have questions, comment below or email us.  And don't forget to like our Facebook page in order to not miss future posts and resources.