Back to the Future - Set Date to 1937

Many of you know that today is the date that Doc and Marty came back to the future  in the movie of the same title.  After visiting the past, all things were well in the future. Perhaps the same can happen in regard to daily devotions in the Home.  Read these excerpts of a sermon preached  in 1937.

"If the question were to be asked: which exercises the greater influence upon the other, the church upon the home or the home upon the church there would no doubt be many different thoughts given, some in favor of the greater influence of the church, others in favor of the greater influence of the home. And most likely, it would still remain a question to be tabled for further discussion. That the church and the home influence each other is a fact that no thinking person will bear to gainsay. Every church will influence the members of that church, and the homes of that member. Or their home life will influence that particular church or congregation to which he or she belongs.   What kind of influence that will be whether wholesome or unwholesome depends much upon what kind of a home and church it is. The magnificence or beauty of a church building, in itself, but what the members of the church stand for, what is being taught and preached to them is of vital importance, for accordingly it will influence its members.  Only that church will have desired Christian influence on the home of its members that is guided solely by the word of the Head of the church, Jesus Christ and him crucified; that uses as its motto: "Speak O Lord for thy servant heareth.""

"Your new church, dear members of Immanuel congregation, should be a mighty and wholesome influence for your homes and family life if you will but permit it to be that and where is the Christian to be found who is not interested in the welfare of his home and family.  For the home and the family is of divine origin, a divine institution, and the Christian home is one of the most important institutions on earth. It's existence, it's welfare, it's problems are matters of vital concern to the church, to human society, to us as individuals, to our country and to the world at large. Just imagine a world without homes."

"...friends just because we are members of the Christian congregation it is no absolute guarantee that our homes will, as a result, remain Christian as a natural consequence. Joshua, the writer of our text experience this in the fullest measure. The people to whom he was speaking were people of the true church visible.  They were God's chosen people; they had been taught more true religion and they had more spiritual knowledge than any other nation on earth at that time. Yet their lives did not prove it and the reason for this was that they disregarded the precepts and teachings of the Church. In spite of the teachings of the church, they had forsaken the true God and had turned to the service of idols. Their church life was a lie, where they lived not at home what they confessed to believe and to do as church members.  Joshua realized this and told them that they could no longer continue in that dual life. Choose this day whom you will serve. Either choose God whom you confess as church members or choose the devil whom you serve it home.  For we read in verse 14 and 15 etc and then he adds the memorable words: "But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord."  My friends, today choose this motto of Joshua for your very own. Serve the Lord, not only at the church, but also in your homes. Let your new church mean more to you than a mere place for you worship a short hour during divine service.  Permit its teachings to reflect in your homes and in your family life and you will never regret it for then you have the assurance of God's blessing resting upon your home."

May these words from the past make there way back to the future.  The entire sermon can be viewed here.  Visited our website for resources to help you live the Christian life at home.