Reading Scripture Together: The Christian Life at Home - FREE RESOURCE for in home devotions!

Each individual in the home is different.  God shows forth His endless creativity by making not only each fingerprint unique, but each personality unique as well.   This diversity can be a wonderful source of strength in the home. One person's strengths can cover up the weaknesses of another.  But no doubt, it can also be a source of frustration and tension. Diversity in the home not only exists in ways that foster harmony, but in sinful ways that cause division.  

In the Christian home, there should be an underlying unity that persists regardless of all of the other differences we see. Besides sharing a common living space, we also share a common spiritual bond given to us in the waters of Baptism.  What we share in common does in reality transcend our differences. Through God's grace, we learn that each person in the home is an awful sinner with an awesome Savior.  

While this is true, it is not something that we truly take to heart each day unless we are in the Scriptures.  This is why it is important that everyone in a home, whether it is just one person or a whole crew, gathers together to God to hear His truth.  As we read the Scriptures together, we are reminded of that which is common among all of us, regardless of age or personality.  The Scriptures bear witness to our need of a Savior and to that Savior we have been given.  They also teach us the whole counsel of God, call us to repent, and train us for righteousness.

Those in the home read the Scripture together because there we find God's words which reveal to us the One who has brought us together in His Son.  Living Planted has created our core resource, A Simple Approach To Daily Devotions, as an easy way for those gathered together in one home to read the Scriptures together.  Download it today on our resources page under the heading Core Resources.  Then get started using it.  If you have questions, comment below or email us.  And don't forget to like our Facebook page in order to not miss future posts and resources.