Gunman in Oregon kills those who identify themselves as Christian? Talk about it in your home - FREE RESOURCE

Another shooting.  If that is not bad enough.  In this case, the shooter seems to have been targeting Christians for execution.  It can be very scary.  Many things could be talked about in the light of such a story.  But for Christians, anytime something like this happens, it can send us into a time of deep reflection.  We can wonder what we would have done in the situation.  Regardless of the exact nature of this attack or the one who perpetrated it, we can wonder if we would have enough faith to stand firm.  

Good News is a resource we produce at Living Planted to help individuals and families discuss the events that we hear about in the news.  Rather than simply soaking in a bunch of details about each story and hearing the short commentaries offered, we hope to help you think about these events by engaging the Scriptures.  Ultimately, we hope to let such thought lead us back to the Good News only found in Christ Jesus.

Download our newest Good News resource, "Dying for Christ?" which was written in response to this latest shooting.  Share this post with friends to help them think through this story as well.  Find other Good News resources on our resource page under the heading Good News.

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If they have not already, soon basketball practices for all ages will begin.  In the past I have served as a coach on a volunteer basis with younger children.  And here is a secret.  I am not certain the kids were all the much better by the end of the year than they were at the beginning.  That could be due to my coaching abilities.  But even more, it was about the whole setup of the program.  I coached the kids one hour a week.  And here is the problem.  You can’t train kids to do anything well in one hour of week. The same could be said of adults. Ask any coach at any level and they will tell you that daily practice is vitally important if you seek real measurable gains in your team's abilities.

The same can be said about the Christian life.  If we want ourselves and children to truly be trained in righteousness, one hour a week will not be sufficient either.  We often think if we get to church each week and possibly take in some form of Christian education, we have done well. But truth be told, we are being taught foolish things every day of the week in our world through various forms of media.   It adds up to hours and hours of training that generally wars against our life with Christ.  We need to fill up with holy things often in order that the life Jesus has given us through His death and resurrection might be a constant comfort and encouragement to us.

Here is the truth.  If you want your kids to be in the NBA some day, one hour of practice each week will not help all that much.   If you want them to be a great player, you are going to have to get out on the court with them each day.  You are going to have to put in real time.

The same goes for our Christian education.  If you want you and your children to be prepared to live in this culture which does not generally encourage Christian living with confidence in Christ and understanding His ways, one hour in church, bible study, or some class aimed at educating our young people will not be enough.  The hour we spent in the Lord's house gathered around Jesus and His gifts sets the stage for the rest of the week.  But if church is the only time when God's instruction is received each week, we will all will be left rather unprepared. If you want you and your family to be well prepared to live as God's children, you are going to have to get out the Scriptures each day. You are going to have to put in real time.  You are going to have to allow God to speak to you each day through His Word.  

That is what this website Living Planted is all about.  It is about spending time each day as families and individuals in the Word in order that the Holy Spirit might strengthen our faith so that we might live life each day with Jesus at the center.  It is about giving you resources to do that without having to spend hours in advance preparing to do so each day.  The first resource we hope you will consider is our A Simple Guide to Daily Devotions.  It is a way to do devotions each day that is easy to follow.  It involves reading, memorizing, singing, and praying together.  Download this resource on our resources page under the heading Core Resources.  You will also see other resources there to look at and use.  In blog posts to come, we will introduce you to those other resources we have prepared to help you live the Christian life at home. Have any questions?  If so, comment below or email us.  We would be grateful if you would help us spread the word about Living Planted by sharing this blog post.  Also, like us on Facebook.

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Government - What is it good for? Talk about it in your home - FREE RESOURCE

They are on our computers, smart phones, and televisions every day now.  I am speaking about those who have decided to toss their hat into the race for President of the United States.  And regardless of one's political views, one can often after watching a debate or a speech wonder if there is any good that can come out of all of this.  Good government, however. the Scriptures speak about a blessing given by God to all people.  We have a resource that you can use to discuss this truth in your home.  It is one page and will take less than 15 minutes to complete.  That is shorter than most of those speeches you are watching.  Get all of our resources at this link.

Why do so many killers also seem to be loners? Talk about it at home. - FREE RESOURCE


Vester L. Flanagan, Bryce Williams opened fire on two journalists while they recorded a live shot for their news program.  You have probably heard about it.  Maybe your kids did also.  There are many things that could be talked about in regards to this killing.  But one thing that seems to come up time and time again in these tragedies is that the killers are loners.  Fox News is reporting that Vester lived in a apartment surrounded by pictures of himself.  Living Planted has a resource to help you discuss from a biblical standpoint the dangers of living isolated from other people . Download it now and use it in you home.   Get all of our resources at this link.

Talk about the unrest between police and citizens at home - FREE Resource

Public Domain Image taken by VOA.

Public Domain Image taken by VOA.

What happens when you are watching the news about everything going on in Baltimore and all of a sudden your child walks in and begins to ask questions?  Maybe it is an older child who has talked about the incidents at school.  Maybe you and your spouse are just discussing the events among yourself. Maybe you just want to properly think though some of the issues surrounding what it going on.  

One of the main items at the heart of the recent clashes is the question of the proper use or abuse of authority and how people are to respond to authority.  Living Planted has a great resource to help you think about this topic biblically and discuss it in your home.  Go to our Resources page and click on our Good News Bible study called Abuse and Respect of Authority. Check out our other resources while you are there.