Gunman in Oregon kills those who identify themselves as Christian? Talk about it in your home - FREE RESOURCE

Another shooting.  If that is not bad enough.  In this case, the shooter seems to have been targeting Christians for execution.  It can be very scary.  Many things could be talked about in the light of such a story.  But for Christians, anytime something like this happens, it can send us into a time of deep reflection.  We can wonder what we would have done in the situation.  Regardless of the exact nature of this attack or the one who perpetrated it, we can wonder if we would have enough faith to stand firm.  

Good News is a resource we produce at Living Planted to help individuals and families discuss the events that we hear about in the news.  Rather than simply soaking in a bunch of details about each story and hearing the short commentaries offered, we hope to help you think about these events by engaging the Scriptures.  Ultimately, we hope to let such thought lead us back to the Good News only found in Christ Jesus.

Download our newest Good News resource, "Dying for Christ?" which was written in response to this latest shooting.  Share this post with friends to help them think through this story as well.  Find other Good News resources on our resource page under the heading Good News.