How to talk in your home about the Wisdom Revealed in the Scriptures

Daily prayer and teaching in the home must be both regular and constant.  It must be regular in the sense that it is done at regular times each day.  Our core resource at Living Planted is aimed at that time.  But it also must happen in spontaneous, less planned, situations.  Most parents are better at one of these approaches that the other.  For some regular scheduled time of prayer and teaching is as easy as putting it in their planner and doing it.  For others, such regularity is a struggle each day to accomplish.  However, often those who are good at such regularity struggle to converse with their family in a more informal way about the faith.   Those who struggle to make regular time often find informal talk about God quite easy.  Today we would like to call attention to one of our resources aimed at helping encourage Christ-centered prayer and teaching to occur at random times in the home.  

Wisdom Revealed (Volume 1, Volume 2) is our resource that seeks to bring the wisdom contained in the book of Proverbs into open discussion in the home.  All wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, faith in His saving work through Christ.  But the wisdom God offers to His people does not end there.  It always returns there, but never ends there.  Each volume of Wisdom Revealed contains three proverbs, each followed by a brief discussion of the wisdom contained in it.  After reading one or all three of these proverbs and their explanations, simply engage in discussion about how this wisdom is seen in life and can be further lived out in life.  Confess to one another how each member of the family has failed often to live according to the wisdom given.  Return to Christ for forgiveness.

This is just one way to get your family discussing the Wisdom of God in your home.  

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