Memorizing - Thing of the past? Or something that should be happening in your home?

Memorizing is often seen in our day as something that used to be done when less sophisticated teaching techniques were not available.  Many claim that they simply cannot memorize anything anymore.  Others claim memory work is just too rote for something as dynamic as the Christian life.

The Scriptures repeatedly call (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 63:6, Psalm 143:5) for God's people to meditate upon  His Word.  And there is perhaps no better way to meditate upon a word than to have it stored in your head and heart. That way meditation can occur at any time or in any place, even when a Bible is not close. The process of committing something to memory is meditation in itself since memorization requires repetition.   Each word memorized is heard time and time again.

There are other benefits as well.  No on can take away what is in your head and heart.  Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, the promises of God will still be with you.  Also ,things memorized tend to be stored in long term memory and are not easily forgotten especially if they are memorized over an extended period of time.  Pastors often marvel at how dementia patients who have forgotten so much still have memorized Scriptures, hymns, and pieces of the liturgy at their beckon call.  Finally, as the Word of Christ dwells in us richly, it influences our thoughts, words, and deeds.  That Word is living and active inside of us.

Living Planted has created our core resource, A Simple Approach To Daily Devotions, as an easy way for those gathered together in one home to memorize the Scriptures together. We also encourage memorizing the key teachings of the Scriptures as they are summarized in Martin Luther's Small Catechism.  Download our core resource today on our resources page under the heading Core Resources.  Then get started using it.  If you have questions, comment below or email us.  And don't forget to like our Facebook page in order to not miss future posts and resources.