Why, God? Our Questions, Job's Questions. Free Study!


So many things in life bring questions.  We watch the news and wonder why something so awful has happened.  We hear a report from about a family member and are baffled as to why God has allowed this.  Life and the question "Why?" seem all too natural companions. 

In a recent blog post we introduced our new series of resources called Into Maturity and made available the first four Bible studies in that series. We call these studies Our Questions and they focus in on the questions we often have in life. Our approach is to talk about those questions in the context of the book of Job. 

Today's blog will tell you a little bit about the first of these studies. You can download it here. This study begins by asking for a discussion about the questions that we all have in life. We might ask why God allowed something to happen in our world. We might wonder why it seems to us that God has not answered one of our prayers. We may feel that from our perspective something does not seem fair and question why it is that way.

This study then takes us into the first three chapters of the book of Job. By engaging the Scriptures, we are introduced to the righteous man Job and his way of life. We then find ourselves listening to a conversation between God and Satan regarding Job where Satan suggests that Job will deny God if certain blessings are removed from. Next, we watch as those blessings are removed. While Job remains remarkably faithful in the face of the tragedies he endures, that does not mean that he does not have his own set of questions. Our study ends by noting that Job's questions are much like our questions, centering in on the question, "Why?"

The next study will pick up right where this one left off. All of our resources are formatted to be easy to download and print. In particular, with these studies you will note that they are designed as leader's guides, meaning the answer to every question is given after the question. Our intention is that whoever is leading this would print out their copy and lead the people through the questions. Having children or others in the home read the portions of Scripture from Job would be great.

We hope that you will look at these studies and see if they might help you to further train up your children in the home and to strengthen your own faith and understanding of the love that God has for us in Christ Jesus.  Any suggestions on how these resources could be more helpful are welcomed and can be left in the comments section of the blog. We also truly appreciate when you share one of our blogs to help us get these free resources into more people's hands.