The Vegas Shooting - Talk about it in your home. Free PDF resource to help.


You woke up to terrible news.  Maybe your children did also.  How do you talk in your home about something so horrific?  Well, start with the basics. While those who have actual authority in the situation do their investigations and while the political pundits seek to spin the news one way or another, teach your children about good and evil. Teach them that what we saw today is evil's true face.  Teach them that Jesus came to conquer such evil through His cross and resurrection.  Teach them to rely on Him when evil abounds. Bring the Good News of Jesus into the story we heard on the news.  We at have developed a one-page PDF resource to help you have those conversations in your home. Click here to be taken directly to the PDF entitled "The Face of Evil" or click here to see all of the one-page PDF resources we have available to help you talk about the news of the day in light of the Good News of Jesus.